About Us

Appropriate Solutions - beyond ordinary

Appropriate Solutions has been helping small and medium sized organisations find their space on the web for 10 years (that's 46 Web Years). Started in 2002 by Stuart Laverick, the focus has always been to bring best practice in web development and design within reach of the the typical small business both here in Cumbria, across the UK and indeed the world.

We try to explain the web in all it's guises as simply as possible. Although much of what we do is complex and technical, there is no need for our clients to need to learn how it works (I drive a car but what happens under the bonnet is a mystery to me). Where possible we will try to cut through the obfuscating technical jargon that is often used to try and sell unnecessary or ineffective web services.

Our marketing plan has always been driven by a belief that good quality at a reasonable cost will find it's own market, and in this respect we have been lucky. We employ no sales team, so all the people you will talk to have a strong technical understanding of the web, and will be able to answer your questions authoritatively.