Without e-commerce you're working for competitors

Man looks engaged at PC screen

Without an e-commerce facility your store is in danger of becoming your competitors fitting rooms. A simple on-line presence can stop you losing valuable sales to the Internet.

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What will Christmas 2012 hold for online Retailers?

Graph with pen and money

"Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat", and if 2011 is anything to go by, so will online retailers bank balances. During a generally gloomy picture for retailing, one area that is bucking the trend is selling on the internet.

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SEO Fail - a Cumbrian web designer searches for Penrith office space

Office with To Rent sign in window

Looking for Penrith Office Space shouldn't be this hard

As a Cumbrian Web Designer, all I wanted to do was to find some office space in Penrith, was that so hard? I searched on Google hoping for several pages of estate agents sites full of commercial properties. As Penrith is a fast growing town in the North West of England, I thought that the local estate agents would be keen to get some enquiries, how wrong could I be?

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