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Great web design is more than just the look

Wimpole Cardiac, clean and simple design

"Nice and simple, clean, and easy to use" is an answer we often get from our customers when we ask them how they want their website to look once it is completed. We have a big picture approach to design and believe that design is about the whole product, starting at the concept, leading to the structure of the content and then the layout of the pages. Only then do we start to involve typical design decisions around colours, textures, fonts and images.

Designing for the website visitor

Your website has to communicate effectively with your visitor, that's why we try to consider their needs early in the process. A good design will hold their attention and let them feel they are in safe hands, it will help them to find the answers they are looking for without distracting them with unnecessary 'bling'.

Toy Knitting Patterns - fun and friendly

A good design can reassure the visitor and help to build trust and confidence in the brand, a trust that is then carried away from the website to offline channels as well. With the use of page previews in search results now, a good design can also help to improve the Click Through Rates for your result in search engine results pages, giving you more return on your organic marketing spend.

Designing for the brand

Unless you are a new business, you may well have existing designs or branding concepts that need to be incorporated into your website. You may even have an existing Graphic Designer who you wish to continue to work with. Our flexible working practices and experience throughout the process of building and promoting websites allows us to accommodate most clients design needs.

Designed to be used

Team Wild Creative Contact page

All our graphic designers are experienced in designing for the web, which is a very different medium to print. They understand about the limitations and opportunities that designing for the web involves. Our designs are created to be lightweight and flexible, allowing them to work as well on an iPhone or other mobile device as on a desktop or laptop PC.

Our designs are intended to be easy on the eye and simple to understand, with clear text, good contrast and avoid unnecessary distractions. They catch the visitors attention and let them easily find the routes to solutions.

Hopefully we achieve what our clients ask for; simple, clean easy to use web design.

Websites Designed in Cumbria

Door Knocker, Brougham Hall, Cumbria

You may notice on the bottom of many of the websites we create we add our link as "Website Designed in Cumbria". We are proud to be a Cumbrian web design business and are proud to advertise Cumbrian quality across the rest of the UK and the world. We have helped many Cumbrian businesses raise their web profile and are aware of the benefits Cumbrian companies can gain from the marketing potential of the internet combined with quality web design.

Cumbrian web design to take your business beyond Cumbria

It used to be that businesses would sell mostly to customers or other businesses that were on their doorstep. In this era a well positioned advert within the local paper or local business gazette would reach the majority of their potential customers. With the coming of the Internet all that has changed and some businesses now find that they are as likely to have a client in Abu Dabi as Alston or Penrith New South Wales as Penrith Cumbria. The Internet has allowed motivated web savvy businesses to promote their services and products across the country and beyond, meaning that the traditional methods of advertising are no longer the single route to market that they were.

The web is a wonderful force for getting rid of the middle-man, empowering businesses to take control of their own marketing message and strategy and reducing the reliance on 3rd parties for access to broad audiences. With assistance and the right advice a business in Cumbria can reach beyond the borders to potential customers anywhere in the world, whether that be to reach potential tourists looking for a peaceful place to stay or a quality experience while visiting Cumbria on holiday, or to find potential retailers to stock Cumbrian made products that have a truly unique selling point.

National experience combined with Cumbrian values

As a Cumbrian business who have worked with companies across the UK and indeed the world, we can bring the experience needed to succeed in the on-line market place. Our clients have always been demanding and quite rightly so, your website is your companies shop window, a chance to demonstrate to potential customers not only your products and services, but your company values and practices. That is why we always aim to create a website that is as unique as your business, we do not churn out clone websites based on cheap templates. Our approach has always been to provide the best long term investment the budget will allow, building to best practice and focussing on return on investment.

We always work to provide our clients with websites that are:

  • Beautifully designed and visually appealing to inspire your visitors
  • Optimised to be easily understood and indexed by Search Engines making them easy to promote
  • Accessible by users with a range of requirements including visual impairments
  • Developed to be easy to use and look good across a wide variety of platforms from Smart Tvs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Cumbrians are often known to be blunt (we can put even Yorkshire folk to shame on this score sometimes) and we try to do the same with our advice for our clients. The Internet is full of misinformation and instant experts, we gained our experience through 10 years of creating and promoting websites and aim to present an informed common sense approach to your on-line marketing strategy. So if you want a no-nonsense chat about your website or any other aspect of your business's on-line strategy, call us on 01539 898018 or contact us via the Contact page.

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