Web Development

The core of our business is code

Great code is Poetry

Web development is the technical side of creating websites, once all the planning, the content strategy, the usability planning and the designs are settled, someone has to sit down and write the code that will make it happen.

At our heart we are a web development company, we love the creative process that is writing good quality, maintainable efficient code. It's an area that we understand well and have over 10 years experience in.

Web development is the linchpin of any website

All websites are simply software programs running on computers, this means that not very far below the surface is the code that runs the site. You may not notice it when it runs well, but you will certainly notice it when it breaks. We have created software for many of our clients, from the relatively simple bespoke template so a page can look and act in a specific way, to large stand alone applications designed to run 24/7 52 weeks a year.

If you look at many of our clients websites you will encounter functionality that you will not see anywhere else. These are often integrated into the Content Management Systems that are running and administering the content of the website. Among others we have created bespoke extensions using:

  • Joomla! Content Management System
  • Wordpress Content Management System
  • Magento Ecommerce Platform
  • Codeigniter Framework
  • Software is limited only by the imagination

We have so far never had to tell a client that what they would like is impossible, although on occasions we have had to persuade them that it may be unaffordable! Our extensions have dealt with many aspects of website content and functionality, but are all built with the same care and attention to detail. Examples of our extensions cover such functionality as:

  • Retrieving and displaying the latest posts from across a range of social network accounts.
  • Acquiring, analysing and displaying data from search engines and combined with data on inbound links and page content.
  • Monitoring visitor interactions with website content and displaying these in popularity charts.
  • A software bridge that allows an offline legacy Point of Sale system to pass stocking data to an ecommerce website
  • A dropshipping system to allow an ecommerce website to pass out sales fulfillment orders to partners.
  • Managing the entire range of visitor attraction and accommodation data for a region, then displaying this in a variety of formats including maps.

Integrated multidisciplinary approach

When we develop software we don't just look at the code, but at the context. This means all our code is designed to not just run quickly and reliably, but also to produce outputs that are easily understood by search engines, to create functionality that will make sense to the user. We consider the range of scenarios where our applications could find themselves, so they will run as well on an iPhone as on a desktop PC, and can be used over a limited 3G signal as well as on the fastest broadband.

We consider the end user, their abilities, experience and restrictions. We take care to make our websites work well for those users who may have difficulties in seeing or in hand eye co-ordination. We code for a range of web browsers not just the latest, so our website will run on the widest number of platforms, operating systems and browser makes and versions.

There is a saying in the developer community that 'Code is Poetry', we aim to be great poets.