Joomla! Web Site Development

Joomla! (yes the exclamation mark is part of the name) is a robust Content Management System (CMS) that can deliver large scalable websites for a wide range of clients with a variety of needs. Solid structural foundations combined with a well supported plug-in architecture, an easy to use administrative interface and a flexible system of templates makes it an easy choice for delivering quality websites that will grow easily with the businesses they serve.

What makes Joomla! an excellent choice for scalable medium to large enterprise websites?

Born out of an already established Content Management System project, Mambo in 2005, Joomla! has had Open Source ideals at it's core from it's very inception. This has allowed Joomla! to grow through the ideas and talent of a wide range of individual developers operating under the control of a group of Core Developers, resulting in a rapidly evolving and creatively designed framework to build websites with.

Stable and Secure

Joomla! is an extremely mature and stable platform on which to base your companies future on the web. With regular updates and improvements, including security releases to meet discovered potential threats, Joomla! can deliver the stability and forward planning that many organisations rely on.

Easy to use and well supported

Joomla! is a well supported platform both through books, blogs and forums and the Official Joomal! Documentation project. Often a shortfall in many Open Source systems, the Joomla Documentation Project provides answers to many of the common questions and the excellent range of books gives insightful support to both those building and running Joomla! based websites. This allows your website to be better built following the correct methodologies and in less time than for less well documented projects.

Flexible and extensible

With over Six Thousand existing applications already taking advantage of it's plug-in architecture, solutions as diverse as E-Commerce Systems, Booking Systems, Recruitment Sites, Community Portals and many more can all be provided through the Joomla! framework.

Accommodates your information

The flexible menus and intuitive system of categories makes Joomla! adaptable and easily understood by visitors. Categories that nest within categories and menus that can show a range of content of varying categories and types, whatever the structure of your content Joomla! should be able to accommodate it.


Joomla! has a powerful language layer which allows your website to be provided in as many languages as your clients read. With language files separated from the content and structure, adding a new language is simple and economical.

Joomla! to meet the needs of your business today, and tomorrow

As a winner or finalist in the Packt Publishing Open Source CMS Awards for 5 years running, the credibility and quality of Joomla! is beyond doubt. The inherent stability, flexibility and extensibility of Joomla! has made it the Content Management System of choice for organisations and public sector bodies across the world, while it's multi-language abilities have led to it's adoption by the United Nations.