What makes Wordpress the optimal choice for Small Business Web Development?

Content Management Systems (CMS) abound on the web today. It seems sometimes that every week a new Content Management System is launched with much fanfare and promise, only to slide beneath the waves of also-rans that come behind it a few months later. When we set out to choose the Content Management System platforms that we were going provide to our clients, we had a number of attributes in mind that we considered to be crucial to the selection.

The longevity and current health of the project that supports the platform.

We don't want our clients to be left with yesterdays fad Content Management System that is now difficult to support and expensive to find features for. Wordpress started in 2003 though it has it's roots as far back as 2001, it continues to be an active project releasing new versions on average twice a year.

The ease of use of the Content Management interface

At it's heart Wordpress is about content. It started life as a blogging tool, and because of this it's focus has always been on making it as easy as possible to publish your content. This would be great in itself, but with it's evolution into a full CMS Wordpress has made the management of that content easy too. With customisable menus, nested categories, content tags, different types of content (or as Wordpress calls them 'posts') it is possible to arrange your content in whatever way is most effective for your business.

All of this is accessed via a simple and intuitive management interface that many of our clients have found required no formal training to carry out all the basic tasks. Editing of word based content has much in common with a good word processor, and so is quite familiar to most people. Adding images is as simple as finding them on your own PC or Mac and uploading them with a single click. Even image editing, resizing and cropping can be carried out within Wordpress itself.

The extent and quality of documentation that supports the project.

It's no good having a great CMS if no-one can work out how to use it. Wordpress has a wide range of documentation available, from their own Getting Started pages on Wordpress.org to the many published books available on Wordpress and including the hundreds of blogs on Wordpress and Wordpress development. All of these combined with the simplicity and ease of use built into Wordpress make it one of the most pleasant and effective Content Management Systems available.

The flexibility and quality of the platform to allow custom development.

We like our customers to present us with challenges, and they rarely disappoint. The flexibility and robust structure of Wordpress allows web developers such as ourselves to extend the core functionality to meet our clients needs. The range of applications to which Wordpress has been put is extremely wide and while it is perhaps not best suited to all, it is certainly capable of most.

The ease of development for Wordpress means that project costs and time scales can be reduced allowing clients to have the right solution for their business needs rather than just something close to it. We have an established track record in building bespoke Wordpress websites and in creating custom applications based on Wordpress, and we hope to continue developing for this platform for as long as it remains a vital part of the web space.

Wordpress for your business on-line

Winner of the 2009 Open Source CMS Award and the 2010 Open Source Hall of Fame CMS Award, it's no wonder so many businesses are now turning to Wordpress for their companies web presence. With over 28,000 downloads from Wordpress.org every day it's easy to see why it's becoming one of the most popular web publishing platforms on the planet.