Responsible Web Marketing

A website without traffic is just a folly. Your website may have one or more of a number of roles, brand awareness, lead generation, community access, e-commerce, whatever it is it cannot carry it out without visitors. Responsible web  marketing is about creating enough of the right sort of traffic to let your website do it's job.

Are you wondering how to increase traffic to your website?

If your question is how to get the most people on to your website, you're asking the wrong question. High traffic numbers only matter if they are the right sort of visitors, those who have the potential to be converted into your customers. Generating thousands of visits from the wrong visitors is just as bad as having no visitors at all (possibly worse because it will cost you more) and will only benefit your hosting bandwidth provider.

See your business as your customers see you

Instead the most important question is "how do the people I want to communicate with find people like me?". In other words what are the processes your target audiences go through in order to access the services which you are making available. As you can see this is a much more specific and definable question, and one for which there is no universal answer. 

A Responsible Web Marketing approach lets you get the maximum out of any investment in Search Engine Marketing by taking a big picture approach to raising your search engine profile

Keyphrase Research

There is no point trying to get to the first page of Google until you know what phrases your visitors use to find your services, and which of those phrases they use at different stages in the Buying Process. This is the foundation of your web site marketing strategy. Your visitors will use a variety of terms depending if they are early in the buying process or are focussed on a particular product or service, you need to know what these phrases are and how they are used.

Site Architecture and Landing Pages

Your website site map should reflect the way your customers view your products and services, not the internal structures of your organisation. Supposing a supermarket started to display the produce on its shelves in terms of who the suppliers Account Manager was. This would make sense internally, but could you find the beans?

By using the keyphrases discovered in the previous stage, you can optimise your website architecture to reflect the interests of your visitors, preparing a number of Landing Pages for your top keyphrases

Page Content

It's been said so many times before but it remains true; 'Content is King'. Search Engines are not in the business of promoting your website. Their business models are based on getting the maximum number of people to pass through their search process as possible, as this gives them the audience through which they can sell advertising space to businesses. They know that they will only get this footfall if they consistently provide good relevant results for whatever their visitors are searching for, fail in this and visitors will go elsewhere. Fewer visitors means lower value adverts, which means less income.

They are therefore draconian in their valuations of website copy (after all there isn't a shortage), and poor copy, un-original copy or just simply not enough copy will be weeded out and sent to the bottom of the result set.

Here again you can take the keyphrases found earlier to give you an insight into the content topics your visitors are looking for. If you find it difficult to create enough content (there are only so many hours in a day after all), then you can get help by using professional copywriters to create well balanced technically correct copy for your web site. You will retain editorial control and copyright over the content created, but this will leave you free to do what you do best, run your business.

Inbound Links

Search Engine ranking models rely on votes cast by other websites to ascertain the value of your website, these votes come in the form of the links between websites. It works like this;

  1. Website A is well respected by search engines and appears on the top of page 1 for searches about 'Blue Frogs'. 
  2. Website B also has a page discussing the merits of Blue Frogs, but is much younger and less well thought of than Website A so only appears on page 5 of the search results pages for 'Blue Frogs'. 
  3. The owner of Website A reads an interesting article on Website B about the use of Blue Frogs and decides to add a link on his website pointing at Website B's article. The search engines notice this and so transfer some of the keyword esteem from Website A to Website B. 
  4. This keyword esteem is not a finite resource, so Website B can gain more than Website A loses. Website B now finds itself on page 3 of the search engine results pages for the keyword 'Blue Frogs'.

Your website can only gain natural search traffic by getting closer too and eventually on, the first page of search engine results for it's keyphrases, to do this it must cultivate relevant links from websites that are currently well paced for this keyword. You can help by locating and if needed approaching other website owners who may be in a position to create the links that will help you move up the search engine results pages.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

This is what we mean by a big picture view of web marketing, it's an integrated approach that allows each element within it to reinforce the others.

  • Good Keyword Research is the foundation, giving insight into your customers thought processes.
  • Specific Landing Pages and Website Architecture provide access points for each of the main keywords and re-assure visitors when they arrive.
  • Great Web Content helps to retain the visitors interests and provides the search engines with a resource to promote to their visitors.
  • Quality Inbound Links help to promote the Content and give the search engines a reason to promote your website up the Search Result pages increasing relevant traffic.

Behind the mind of Google

Behind the mind of Google, or why content matters.

"Drive thousands of visitors to your web site now!!!"

I love these ads. Another one is "Submit your web site automatically to hundreds of Directories with a single click". or "We guarantee to get your site to the top of Google!". I like to put them in with the ads found in the back of Sunday supplements promising cures for baldness, easy weight loss or get rich quick.

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