Website Audits

No website is perfect, and anyone who thinks theirs is is deluding themselves.

It's often worth while to get another pair of eyes to look over even the most honed website, as sometimes the obvious mistake is , well just not so obvious.

We don't claim to have all the answers, but we've assessed enough websites and built enough (and had them assessed) that we can help you to avoid the main errors. These errors can affect your search ranking, your user experience and your conversion rate and so ultimately the success of your website. The errors tend to fall into 2 groups; hard errors which are creating technical problems preventing your website from working correctly, and soft errors that are causing your visitors stress or confusion and preventing them from completing your websites goals.

Typical hard website errors include:

  • errors within your robots.txt file preventing some pages in your site from being indexed by search engines
  • poorly planned URL structures allowing the same content to be presented at multiple addresses, this can cause duplicate content penalties and affect your search ranking
  • non-standard links that are difficult or impossible for search engine spiders to follow
  • poor use of the Alt text attribute on images, leaving no clue to their content for search engines or the visually impaired

Typical soft website errors include:

  • confusing menu structure leading visitors to feel lost or disoriented while moving around your site
  • sub-optimal use of linking within your own copy, missing out on opportunities to promote your own content within search indexes
  • ambiguous Call to Action elements that do not give visitors clear routes to their goals
  • inconsistent page layouts leading to visitors needing to continually learn new ways of using your website

On their own, non of these will spell the end for a website, but between them and within a competitive niche they can mean the difference between page 1 and page 2 of a search engine result list, or between converting a visitor and not. What is most frustrating around all these issues is that the ability to solve them is within your grasp. Unlike so many other factors that influence a websites success; inbound links, social media following, visitor comments, that are so difficult to change, these factors are relatively straight forward.

Tackle the big issues first

We know that not all websites can afford a complete audit, looking at every possible error on every page, so when we audit a website we look at as many of these errors as the budget allows starting with the main ones. After all there is no point in worrying about whether the Call to Action button colour is appropriate if the robots.txt file is blocking search engines from the website.

Often the process becomes self fulfilling, by addressing the major issues first, the website can perform better creating a better justification (and hopefully more funds) to invest in further improvement. This combined with ongoing analysis of website metrics such as those created by Google Analytics will create a virtuous circle of improvement that will over time allow the website to better meet the needs of it's visitors and so convert more of them into happy, contented customers for your business.

Website Performance Analysis

Is your website working as hard for you as it could?

You pay for your visitors. Each one has cost you in some way, either spending on Search Marketing, Pay-per-Click adverts, Sponsored Links, media promotions or just old fashioned work and toil on your part. So it is vital that you make the most out of each visitor, by converting as many browsers as possible into buyers.

We can help you maximise your return from each of your visitors and have more of them return for subsequent visits. Through analysing your current website, it's structure, content and usability and how it interacts with your off site marketing, we can improve your return on each visitor investment.

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